Band Camp Information

Band Camp Checklist

Before camp:

  1. Turn in your medical form before the week of band camp if at all possible.  If that is not possible, we MUST have it the morning of Day One.
  2. Make sure you are getting used to the heat through the summer.
  3. Start making sure you are extra hydrated the weekend BEFORE band camp.  Once you start feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated.

During camp:

  1. Eat a good breakfast.  NO DAIRY!
  2. Wear appropriate clothing.  Avoid heavy and/or dark clothing. Take steps to prevent chaffing. You must wear tennis shoes on the band field.
  3. All inhalers and Epi pens need to be “on” students at all times.  Not in a backpack or duffle bag on the sidelines.
  4. Bring a large water jug filled with water (ONLY WATER) each day.    NO ENERGY DRINKS. No Gatorade on the field.
  5. Apply sunscreen before leaving home.  Bring extra for reapplication.
  6. A hat must be worn every time you are outside.
  7. Bring a change of clothes.  After the morning practice your clothes will be soaked with sweat.  You will want dry clothes for the rest of the day, clear down to dry socks and underwear.
  8. Bring a hoodie or jacket.  After being so hot, the building feels cold.
  9. Stay hydrated.  Drink water before and after practice.


Checklist of Items to Bring Each Day

  1. Instrument
  2. Music and Drill in Notebook with Strap
  3. Water Jug
  4. Hat
  5. Poker Chips
  6. Change of Clothes
  7. Medicines