Points FAQ

Student Credit Accounts (Points)

The following is a brief explanation of the point system and Student Credit Accounts:

The Student Credit Account system was established to provide individual members and parents some financial relief with regard to band fees and charges. A percentage of the profits earned through fundraiser events are allocated to the individual student for his/her use to assist with paying certain band fees through the established point system.

For on-going fundraising activities ( Panthers, etc.), each hour of volunteer service will generate one (1) student credit point. When an entire hour is not worked, ¼ point will be earned for each 15 minutes worked. Fractions will be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes (20 minutes rounds to 15, 25 minutes rounds to 30, etc.).

For one-time fundraising activities (fruit sale, BBQ, golf tournament etc.), each box of fruit, ticket or sponsor sold will generate student credit points. The number of points earned per item sold will be determined and announced prior to the event by the Committee Chairperson or Vice-President.

Earned points will be deposited into Student Credit Accounts. Band students may request withdrawal of points to pay for required band fees. Points may not be used to purchase goods from the Band Store, vendors outside the Band Club, uniform accessories or items for personal gain. Account status reports are available via the Charms Information Portal – For the latest information on your student’s account, log in to Charms below:

Student credit points may be carried over year-to-year by the same student. If a student is graduating or leaving the band program, his/her account will remain active if a sibling is in the band program. Student credit points may be transferred to another student at any time by notifying the Executive Secretary. Seniors must request point transfers no later than one month prior to graduation. If a student graduating or leaving the band program has not requested a transfer of points, all points remaining in her/his account will automatically be transferred to the Hardship Account.

Students must pay required band fees (fall marching, band camp, uniform fees, accessories, instrument fees, BOA, etc.) before points or money will be accepted for non-mandatory band trips. Any accumulated student credit points will automatically be used to pay for any required band fee that is not paid by the due date. Students not paying required band fees by established deadlines may be ineligible to participate in any non-mandatory trips or events.

Note: One student credit point equals a value of $2.00