Panthers FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering for Panthers Stadium events!

At Bank of America stadium, the Nation Ford Band Booster Club runs one of the busiest concession stands in the venue. Our stand is #521, and is located on level 500 on the North Side of Stadium. We serve approximately $20,000 worth of food and beverages on game days. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of volunteers to pull this off, and we need 22-25 people each event to staff the stand effectively.


What will I be doing at the Stadium? Positions available include, but are not limited to; stand set-up, food preparation, cashiering, food running, and clean-up.

What time will I need to be at stadium and for how long? For planning purposes, you should arrive 4 hours before kickoff and stay approximately 1 hour after the game ends. For example, if the game starts at 1pm, we arrive around 9am to set up, the stand opens at 11am, and closes immediately after the game ends around 4pm. Cleanup takes about an hour or so depending on how busy we are.

How old do you have to be to work at a game? All volunteers must be at least 15 years old. Students need to have ID with them. We do not allow students to work registers or have anything to do with alcohol.

How do we get to the Stadium? Carpools are available most of the time, and parking is free for volunteers in a designated lot with shuttle busses to the stadium provided.

What is the Dress Code? The booster club provides shirts, visors, and aprons each game for you to wear. All you have to provide are Khaki pants or walking length shorts, closed toed shoes (no sandals or flip flops), and a belt.

Why Volunteer? One of our largest fundraising opportunities is ready to kick off its 2014 season. We have committed this coming football season to work a concession stand at all of the events held at Bank of America stadium in Uptown Charlotte. One of the major goals of the booster club is to provide financial support to the students and directors of the band club in order to help keep the level of the band program to what is expected and help the students achieve their goals. It takes a considerable amount of revenue to offer the students their well-deserved quality band experience. School budgets rarely cover the band’s needs; the band boosters come to the rescue with extra funds to keep the program fiscally responsible. Our organization ensures the future of quality music education for the student musicians.

Each year, the proceeds from Panthers reduce each family’s fees by at least 30%, and provides the funding for props, music, instruments, uniforms, food and many other things that it takes to run our program!

Volunteers are paid points after working that can be used towards band fees and or trips.  Most events are scheduled for Sunday afternoons, so there is minimal conflict with most families’ work schedules or other band events. No formal training is required, although volunteers are provided with a brief orientation to their job at each event.

To sign up to work a Panthers event:
• Click on “Charms Office Assistant ” on main page of website.
• Log into your Charms student account, and go to the event listed on the Calendar to sign up.
• You will receive email a few days before game with game day procedures.

For a detailed, visual guide to signing up to volunteer for events, please click below:
Using the Charms Calendar to Sign Up for Events

Want more information the booster clubs fundraising efforts? Follow this link – Band Fundraising Info